Wow, that was fast! 48 hours later, we have yet a new Worlds Record!

by Dane Scarborough on 03/29/11

Andrew Jones the height is 11' 1 3/4", 3/29/2011, it's name is " The Towering Inferno", 423 parts of the stucture, about 3.5-4 hours,advice: Make an idea and just go for it, and be sure that everything is connected, my favorite building is the "China Central Television Headquarters building"

World Record with UBERSTIX set by Jestin

by Dane Scarborough on 03/28/11

Matthew has some great ideas!

by Dane Scarborough on 01/25/11

Below is a note I received and I wanted to share it, because this guy has some great ideas and we are working on making these happen soon. 

(A visitor to your Web site has filled out the form located at:

Multiple Line Textbox 1    "Hello, My name is Matthew and I am 11 years old. I am UBERSTIX4EVER!!!! I have build a lot of these projects and i love them! i am waiting for more projects to come out so i can build them. I think one way you could improve your site is, to have accounts. People could have accounts, and get awards (online awards) based on  what they have built. Maybe you can make a chatroom too! 

Thanks, Matthew"

AeroForce Glider wings

by Dane Scarborough on 01/20/11

AeroForce Gliders will be available on our online store this weekend...!!! 

Convergent and Divergent Thinking

by Dane Scarborough on 01/18/11

Convergence and divergence are ideal types, and not mutually exclusive, so we might agree that everyone has some degree of both. The values in formal education heavily favor "convergent" thinking, and in Asian cultures, even more so. The reason being that convergent thinking is what tests are designed for.  Now,  divergent thinking... how do you quantify that test, and how do you study for a test that is focusing on divergence?  You may have guessed that the answer is building with Uberstix and seeing how many other materials you can integrate into the project. It's more fun then coming up with possible uses of a blanket (although that can be interesting).    

4 New UberFO/ UFO instructions

by Dane Scarborough on 01/13/11

4 New UberFO UFO instructions are now posted, with more on the way.  

UBERSTIX Distribution

by Dane Scarborough on 01/07/11

Thank you for asking and the answer is that we have some great distributors in 12 countries outside the US and Chris Charnock's company in South Africa is one of them.

In the coming weeks, we will list post the "Distributors Page" on the website with contact information.  

AeroForce Glider Tips

by Dane Scarborough on 01/02/11

Here are the keys to great AeroForce flights:

1.  The correct position of the wing is most important.
A:  The outer edges of the wing tilt up.
B.  The 4' indent indicates the front of the plane wing
C.  The plane must balance at that 4" indent
If you have those correct, you should have success that you can build on...
Have fun!

"Black Lab"!

by Dane Scarborough on 12/27/10

Check out the latest uploaded instructions of  the "Black Lab"! 
Now part of the growing "Uberstix Animal Kingdom".
Uploaded - Dec. 26th 2010

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