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Open Source Building

 You save materials before they reach the trash bin... 
   You  incorporate the materials into new products..(maybe even scavenger models built with UBERSTIX).

The new products are transported outside, where play begins...

That is the cycle of upcycling


 You put plastic in one bin and glass in another, etc... 
A truck comes and transports those materials to a sorting facility...

The sorted materials are trucked to a processing factory...

   The processed materials are transported to various production factories where they are Incorporated into new products...

The new products are transported to distribution warehouses...

Trucks then transport the new products to the stores...

You go to the store and transport the goods back home.

That is the cycle of recycling

To build a working Pirate Ship 
you will have to upcycle the following:

1- plastic shopping bag 
1- 8oz-12oz water bottle
4- popsicle sticks
2- paper or plastic cups
42- paperclips or 3.5 feet of string

The BottleNECK expands or contracts to link UBERSTIX with 8oz. - 2 liter water and pop bottles

time to let your imagination set sail...
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